Incepted in 2000, at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, we, “Shashi Fluoroplastiks”, are one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of quality range of PTFE machine & moulded products. Our comprehensive array includes PTFE Rods & Bushes, PTFE Mechanical Spares and PTFE Valves Components & Expansion joints. We procure premium grade raw material and components such as PTFE for production of our comprehensive array. The raw materials and components are procured by us from some renowned vendors, who have excellent tract record in the pertinent business.  Furthermore, we have installed high capacity and cost efficient machines and equipments in our infrastructure to manufacture economical and high performance products of commercial and domestic use.


We offer our exclusive array in both standardized and customized specifications to meet the varied demands of the customers.  Our range is available in diverse shapes and size specifications such as PTFE, 15% Glass filled PTFE, 25% Carbon Graphite filled PTFE, 60% Bronze filled PTFE & Alumina MOS2. To keep pace with the dynamic trends of the national and international markets, we upgrade our plant facilities with new machinery and instruments.  Furthermore, we also arrange periodic training session to keep them updated with latest business and technical skills.


The main person behind the great business success of the company is our mentor, Mr. Rasik Gupta. He has profound knowledge regarding PTFE and valve component business and continuously inspires and guides us in effectively meeting the various objectives of the organization. 

Polymer Science
TFE Monomer is generally manufactured by synthesis of Calcium Fluoride (Fluorospar), Sulphuric Acid & Chloroform. The polymerisation of TFE is carried out in carefully controlled conditions to form PTFE. Due to presence of stable & strong C-F bonds, PTFE molecule possesses outstanding chemical inertness, high heat resistance & remarkable electrical insulation characteristics; in addition to excellent frictional properties.
PTFE Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
PTFE is high performance engineering specialty polymer invented by Dr. Roy J. Plunkett at Du Pont's Jackson Laboratory, New Jersey, US, on 6th April 1938. As the polymer was found to have exceptional properties with regards to chemical inertness, heat resistance & frictional properties; developmental manufacturing began in 1943 with joint efforts of Kinetic Engineering Inc, USA & E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc., USA. The commercial production went operational by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co. Inc., USA in 1948. The worldwide consumption of PTFE is around 45,000 Tonnes in 1997 & expected to grow at the rate of 10% per annum.
Physical Properties of the Product
Physical Properties:

Property Unit Test Method Virgin PTFE 25% Glass Filled PTFE 25% Carbon Filled PTFE 60% Bronze Filled PTFE
Mechanical 1. Density gm/cc ASTM D-792 2.1-2.2 2.25 2.14 3.8
2. Tensile strength kgf/cm2 ASTM D-638 210-350 125-200 120-155 105-140
3. Elongation of Break % ASTM D-638 250-400 200-300 100-150 80-160
4. Compressive strength kgf/cm2 ASTM D-695 40-50 75-85 75-85 115-125
5. Compressive modulus kgf/cm2
4000 7000 8400 8800
6. Deformation A. 2 Hrs 23°C, 140kg/cm2 B. 24 Hrs. 23°C, 140kg/cm2 C. Permanent D. 2 Hrs. 150°C, 200kg/cm2 % ASTM D-621 12 15 8 50 9 11 7 50 4 5 2.5 33 4 5 2.5 40
7. Flexural strength kgf/cm2 ASTM D-790 57 42 96 80
8. Flexural Modulus kgf/cm2 ASTM D-790 3500-6300 16700 11900 13800
9. Impact Strength A. -20°C B. +20°C C. Static P-35 kg/cm2 cm kg/cm2 ASTM D-256 9 15 9.5 11 7.5 10 11 10
10. Hardness Scale D Shore 60-65 70-75 70-75 70-75

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