PTFE Piston Ring

Product Details:
  • Brand: Sf
  • Shape : Round
  • Material: PTFE
  • Color: Black

Being the leading manufacturers in the industry, we bring PTFE Piston Ring in Pure PTFE and in other filled grades - Carbon, Graphite, Glass, Bronze filled and Pure Peek. Filled Grade PTFE are mostly used in compressors. Rider/Wearing/Guide Rings are also manufactured in different grades and also as per customer specification.


  • Ability to operate without lubrication or in less lubricated conditions
  • Resistance to chemical attack
  • Reduced wear rates
  • Compatibility with unround surface


Product Details:
  • Density (gm/cc) ): 2.1-2.2
  • Tensile Strength (kgf/cm2) : 210-375
  • Elongation of Break % : 250-400
  • Compressive Strength (kgf/cm2) : 40-50
  • Compressive Modulus (kgf/cm2) : 4000
  • Material : PTFE

Our team of experienced engineers has formulated a set of advanced processing techniques to design and manufacture superior quality PTFE O Ring. We source raw materials from reliable suppliers, with the consistency of both the product quality and mechanical performance of fabricated parts. This ensures uniformity of performance of final products as well as minimizes chances of rejections at the customers’ end.


  • Unmatched quality
  • Compact design
  • Fine Finish

Physical Properties:

PropertyUnitTest MethodVirgin PTFE Chemically Modified PTFE15% Glass Filled PTFE
Densitygm/ccASTM D-7922.1-2.22.15-2.22.10-2.24
Tensile Strengthkgf/cm2ASTM D-638210-375325150-225
Elogation of Break%ASTM D-638250-400400-450225-325
Compressive Strengthkgf/cm2ASTM D-69540-5045-6565-75
Compressive Moduluskgf/cm2ASTM D-695400045006000
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